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MT. MATCHBOX {Mt. La Stella's Tribute to Matchbox Twenty}
Album Credits

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"Yourself Or Someone Like You" - smash debut album

Matchbox 20 is: Rob Thomas - Vocals, Kyle Cook - Lead Guitar + bgv's, Adam Gaynor - Ryhthm Guitar + bgv's, Brian Yale - Bass, Paul Doucette - Drums

Additional Musicians: Rob Thomas - Acoustic Guitar on "Hang"/ Kyle Cook - Lead Vocal, chorus on "Hang"/ Matt Serletic - Keyboards, Percussion

Woodwinds on "Back 2 Good": Composed and Arranged by Matt Serletic/ Bassoon Leader - Elizabeth Burkhardt/ Flute - Amy Porter/ Oboe - Yvonne Powers/ Clarinet - Ted Gurch/ Bass Clarinet - Douglas Smith

etc... Produced by Matt Serletic for Melisma Productions, Inc./ Engineered by Jeff Tomei/ Mixed by Greg Archilla and Matt Serletic/ Recorded at Triclops Recording, Atlanta/ Assisted by John Nielsen/ Mixed at House of Blues Studios, Memphis/ Assisted by Malcolm Springer/ Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Mastering/ Digitally Edited by Don C. Tyler/ Drum Tech - Tony Adams/ Guitar Tech - Craig Poole/ Vocal Coach - Jan Smith

etc... A&R - Kim Stephens, Jason Flom/ Production Accountant - Jeff Lamiroult CPA/ Stuart A. Ditsky CPA, PC/ Production Assistants - Dean Serletic, Tabitha Kahlhamer/ Contractor - Shari Sutcliffe/ Art Direction and Design - Valerie Wagner/ Photography - Katrin Thomas/ Band Photo - Chris Cuffaro/ Management - LIPPMAN ENTERTAINMENT

List of Thanks: Matt Serletic; Jason Flom; Val Azzoli; Kim Stephens; Daniel Savage; Valerie DeLong; Tracy Levine; Everyone at Lava and Atlantic Records; Terry and Michael Lippman; David Mantel; Jeff Tomei; Tony Adams; John Nielson; Greg Archilla; Dean Serletic; Matthew Freeman; Greg Galloway; Chris Qualmann; Stuart Ditsky; Jeff Lamiroult; Joel Katz and everyone at Katz; Smith and Cohen; Mitch Rose at CAA; Rick, Donna, and Lisa at Triclops; Gary Harwood and Gary Belz at House of Blues; Stephen, Caryl, and Don at Precision Mastering; Steve Burry; Ed Roland; John Dee; Bob Pfieffer; Rob Kos; Warren Entner; Peter Rudge; Don Perry; Al Schlesinger; Darryl Massaroni; Alan and Kelly Green; Greg Letterman; Nancy Darish and everyone at Aware; Kevin Spacey; Kevin O' Malley; Eva and Licia; Jan Smith; Miriam Carlo; Andy Levine; Pam Parsons; Sapphire Supper Club; Bill Calder; Catfish; Mr. and Mrs. Serletic; Shock Lizard; The Bat Me Ups; Big White Undies; Cool For August; The guys in Dayroom (for cleaning our bats); Colin Crisman; Scott Mann; Vivian and Crissy; Tabitha Kahlhamer; Everyone at RTM (Atlanta); Chic and Seitu at Atlanta Discount Music; Kenny, Kent, and Bruce, at Sweetwater; Craig Poole; Johnny Marco; Biscuits for Mojo Casey

"Mad Season by Matchbox Twenty" - the band's sophomore effort

Produced by Matt Serletic for Melisma Productions, Inc./ Recorded by Noel Golden/ Additional Engineering by Mark Dobson/ Mixed by David Thoener/ Pro-Tools & Digital Editing - Mark Dobson/ Additional Pro-Tools Editing - Shawn Grove/ Recorded at Tree Sound Studios, Atlanta East Iris Studios, Nashville; Oceanway Studios, Nashville/ Assisted by Shawn Grove, Robert Hannon, Greg Fogie/ Mixed at East Iris Studios, Nashville/ Assisted by Kevin Szymanski/ Mastered by Stephen Marcussen & Stewart Marcussen & Stewart Whitmore, Stephen Marcussen Mastering, Hollywood

All songs written by Rob Thomas (c) 2000 EMI Blackwood Music, Inc./ Bidnis, Inc. (BMI)/ Except "Stop" written by Rob Thomas and Paul Doucette (c) 2000 EMI Blackwood Music, Inc./ Bidnis, Inc./ Lucinda Panic Music (BMI) and "Bed of Lies," "Last Beautiful Girl" written by Rob Thomas and Matt Serletic (c) 2000 EMI Blackwood Music, Inc./ Bidnis, Inc. (BMI)/ Melusic, Inc./ administered by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)/ All rights for Bidnis, Inc. controlled and administered by EMI Blackwood Music, Inc.

Additional Musicians: Angie Aparo - Background Vocals "Stop," Angie Aparo appears courtesy of Melisma Records/ Peter Stuart - Background Vocals "The Burn"/ Sam Bacco - Percussion "Last Beautiful Girl"/ Tony Adams - Additional Drums on "Stop"/ Paul Doucette - Acoustic Guitar on "Stop"/ Rob Thomas - Piano on "You Won't Be Mine," "The Burn," and "Rest Stop"

Orchestrations Composed by Matt Serletic/ Nashville String Machine "Rest Stop," "Leave," "You Won't Be Mine," "Bed of Lies"/ Recorded by David Thoener/ Concert Master: Carl Gordetzky/ Conductor: Chris McDonald/ Copyist: Eberhard Ramm/ Contractor: Carol Gordetzky/ Atlanta Brass Society "If You're Gone," "Black and White People"/ Recorded by Noel Golden/ Artistic Director: Michael Moore/ Vocal Coach: Jan Smith/ Drum Tech: Tony Adams/ Guitar Tech: Craig Poole/ Production Accountant: Jeff Lamiroult, CPA for Stuart A. Ditsky CPA, PC/ Art Direction and Design: Ria Lewerke, Doug Reichert, Paul Doucette, Imagic/ Cover Art: Michael Sowa/ Photography: Dean Karr except center spread and page 19 Andrew Macpherson/ Management: Michael Lippman/ LIPPMAN ENTERTAINMENT

List of Thanks: To our fans: we thank your hearts and your ears for giving us the opportunity to make music for all who want to listen. It is a gift that we will forever work to repay. Special thanks to Matt Serletic, our "6th member" for his support and friendship. Michael Lippman. Evan Lamberg. More special thanks to Eric Steinman (A.K.A.: Webmaster E) forefather of Thanks for having the vision to launch us into cyberspace. You will always have our gratitude, love, and respect. We would like to thank all of the bands that have shared time with us on the road. We've learned something from all of you. Thanks to everyone at Lava and Atlantic. Carole Kinzel, Rob Light, and everyone in the CAA Music Dept., Stuart Ditsky and Jeff Lamiroult, Joey Huffman. Andrea "The Dream" Moss we love you! Mark, I had a day off last summer, "the bull" Dobson. The entire staff at Lippman Entertainment for all the daily focus, love and hard work needed to ensure our complete comfort, desires and satisfaction...we love you all! Our entire crew, past and present, for all the sweat and attention you've given us. Our entire "Dream Team" of attorneys, all 56 of them...especially Jim Cox and Co. Doug and Crash, our lives would be completely sane without you guys...but much less fun. Thanks for the many years and good times. The General, Craig T. Poole, for his magical tones and quick wit. Everyone at Tree Sound Studios and East Iris Studios. Thanks to Dean Serletic for all the years of putting up with our shit, we'll miss you.

cont... Thanks to the following companies for their support: Ernie Ball Guitars; Eden Amplifiers; Dean Markley Strings; Sadowsky Guitars NYC; Brent and everyone at Zildjian; Jeff and everyone at Promark; All at Premier; All at Slingerland; Scott & Jeff at Budda Amplification; Spanky at Line 6; Jeff at Paul Reed Smith; Mike at Famous Bargain Music; Bogner Amplification; Sean at Mesa Boogie Amplification; Monster Cable; GHS Strings; Attack Drumheads, Korg, Cara at Epiphone, Apogee Electronics, Digidesign; Magic Audio, G&I Guitars, Vox, Fender

Mad Season by Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty is...