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MT. MATCHBOX {Mt. La Stella's Tribute to Matchbox Twenty}
Fact File

Below you will find all kinds of crazy facts about the group. From the band's favorite foods to their shoe sizes, there's a lot of interesting stuff.

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~ Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette, and Brian Yale were in Tabitha's Secret before forming Matchbox 20.

~ "Yourself Or Someone Like You" was originally titled "Woodshed Diaries."

~ Matchbox 20 recorded "Yourself or Someone Like You" in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

~ "Yourself Or Someone Like You" debuted at # 193 on the Billboard music charts.

~ "Real World" is Matchbox 20's favorite video that they shot.

~ The picture of the little boy in the lyric liner was Rob's ex-girlfriend's nephew at 2.5 years old. He grew up, only to commit suicide.

~ The guy on the cover of "Yourself Or Someone Like You" is a model from a NYC studio called Funny Faces.

~ On the front of Matchbox Twenty's tour bus they have a zebra head which they have affectionatley named "Willie" after Willie Nelson.

~ Matchbox Twenty's tour bus driver is Frank Mitchel.

~ Matchbox Twenty sold out a concert in Atlanta on Rob Thomas's birthday (February 14) in 1998 in just 4 minutes, breaking Pearl Jam's record.

~ "3 a.m." is about Rob Thomas's mother.

~ The video for "Push" was filmed in Los Angeles.

~ On VH1 they said that the director made three crew members stand outside with hoses to make it seem like it was raining in the 3am video at the end.

~ The television station's sign that Rob works at in the Real World video says "Telequedad" which means margarita without salt.

~ In the L.A. alley where "Push" was shot, the movie 'Spawn' was also filmed there.

~ Rolling Stone magazine wanted only Rob Thomas on their cover and not the rest of the band.

~ Matchbox 20 got their name from a baseball jersey.

~ 364,000 copies of "Mad Season by Matchbox Twenty" were sold in it's first week.

~ Matchbox 20 velcroes babydoll heads to the tops of their amplifiers.

~ Matt Serletic is considered Matchbox 20's 6th member.

~ Edwin McCain was the special singer at Rob Thomas' wedding.

~ Matchbox Twenty's bodyguards are named Jason & Chad.

~ Rob Thomas' birthday is February 14, 1972.

~ Rob Thomas considers his "favorite place" to be Australia.

~ Rob Thomas' favorite song on 'YOSLY' is "Kody." His favorite to perform is "Back 2 Good."

~ Rob Thomas' middle name is Kelly.

~ Rob Thomas was born on a military base in Germany and was brought up in South Carolina.

~ Rob Thomas ran away from home at age 17 to get away from family problems.

~ Rob Thomas got his G.E.D. so he could play a gig at a Sheraton Hotel.

~ Rob Thomas' sister is named Missy.

~ Rob Thomas' height is 5'9."

~ Rob Thomas' shoe size is 9.5.

~ Rob Thomas' favorite book is "Where the Sidewalk Ends."

~ Rob Thomas wore Superman underwear when he was young.

~ Rob Thomas was married in Santa Barbara in 1999 to Marisol Maldonado.

~ Rob Thomas was inspired to write "Smooth" by his wife Marisol. She appears in the video.

~ Rob Thomas became a father first before any other member.

~ Rob Thomas cut his wrists on the chains in the video for "Push."

~ Rob Thomas considers "You Won't Be Mine" to be the most meaningful to him on "Mad Season."

~ Rob Thomas told a huge drunk in a bar that Paul Doucette was the kickboxing champion of Pittsburgh, causing a fight.

~ Rob Thomas chipped his front tooth slam dancing at a club.

~ Rob Thomas' favorite drink is Jack Danielles and Coke.

~ Rob Thomas' favorite brand of cigarettes is Camel Special Lights.

~ Rob Thomas has a bumper sticker on his guitar that reads "Tatooed White Trash."

~ Rob Thomas' greatest influences are Van Morrison and Steve Burry.

~ Rob Thomas' biggest fears in life are flying and dying.

~ Rob Thomas considers not knowing your're sexy to be sexy.

~ Rob Thomas' son's name is Maison.

~ Rob Thomas claims he has a problem with his potty mouth.

~ Rob Thomas drives a white Toyota Tercel.

~ Rob Thomas' favorite fast food is Wendy's.

~ Rob Thomas' favorite movie is "Basquiat."

~ Rob Thomas' favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut.

~ Rob Thomas' favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies and Cream.

~ Rob Thomas' favorite type of chips are Sour Cream and Onion Pringles.

~ Rob Thomas' mother's name is Maime.

~ Rob Thomas failed choir and keyboarding in high school.

~ Rob Thomas wanted to be a flower delivery guy because, "everyone you meet is happy to see you. They open the door and they go, '' Everyone loves you."

~ Rob Thomas was snubbed by Leonardo DiCaprio at the NY hot spot Moomba when he introduced himself.

~ Kyle Cook's full name is David Kyle Cook.

~ Kyle Cook was born in Frankfort, IN.

~ Kyle Cook prefers his nickname as Smooches.

~ Kyle Cook played guitar in some of Angie Aparo's songs.

~ Kyle Cook's shoe size is 11.5.

~ In Kyle Cook's senior picture he was holding his acoustic guitar.

~ Kyle Cook went to the Atlanta Institute of Music after high school.

~ Kyle Cook got into Matchbox 20 by handing in audition tapes.

~ Kyle Cook was 19 when he started playing in Matchbox 20.

~ Kyle Cook got his first guitar, a Yamaha Classical Guitar, around his 13th birthday.

~ Kyle Cook played classical violin for 5 years before he ever picked up his first guitar.

~ Kyle Cook is wearing his favorite pants in the "3 am" video.

~ Kyle Cook's high school mascot was named Hotdogs.

~ Kyle Cook's band in high school was named "Downpour."

~ Kyle Cook's favorite song from 'YOSLY' is "Girl Like That."

~ Kyle Cook's favorite drink is beer (Dos Equis Lager).

~ Kyle Cook's favorite brand of cigarettes is Camel Hard Pack.

~ When recording "YOSLY," Kyle Cook was constantly late.

~ Kyle Cook wanted to be a UPS man.

~ Kyle Cook's daughter's name is Makenzie.

~ Kyle Cook sometimes shares clothes with Adam Gaynor.

~ Paul Doucette's birthday is August 22, 1972.

~ Paul Doucette didn't play drums on "Hang" for 'YOSLY' because he had the chicken pox.

~ Paul Doucette co-wrote "Stop" with Rob Thomas.

~ Paul Doucette's height is 5'4."

~ Paul Doucette's shoe size is 8.

~ Paul Doucette's favorite song to perform on 'YOSLY' is "Push." He hates to perform "Tired."

~ Paul Doucette designs the group's clothes for their tours.

~ Paul Doucette likes to dye his hair.

~ Paul Doucette almost decided to become a used car salesman before joining the band.

~ Paul Doucette knew he wanted to be a musician at age 10.

~ Paul Doucette came up with the name "Matchbox 20". At first he wanted it to be a clothing line.

~ In the "3 am" video Paul Doucette is wearing a Versace Mohar sweater that costs $550.

~ Paul Doucette wanted the "Bent" video to be a closeup like Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares Too You."

~ Paul Doucette is a big fan of Claire Danes.

~ Paul Doucette is a fan of the cartoon "South Park."

~ Paul Doucette's hometown is Pittsburgh, PA.

~ Paul Doucette almost quit Matchbox Twenty while making the "Mad Season" album.

~ Paul Doucette's apartment was used in the movie "Kingpin."

~ Paul Doucette wears a T-shirt that says "Cool Bands Don't Sell Records."

~ Paul Doucette's favorite brand of cigarettes is Marlboro.

~ The internet scares Paul Doucette.

~ Paul Doucette's middle name is John.

~ Paul Doucette's greatest idol is Kenny Arnoff.

~ Paul Doucette's biggest influence is REM.

~ Paul Doucette wanted to be a teacher, "but not the college thing."

~ Adam Gaynor's birthday is November 26, 1964 (Sagittarian).

~ Adam Gaynor is the oldest member of the group.

~ Adam Gaynor does not have a middle name.

~ Adam Gaynor's nickname is Hashbrown.

~ Adam Gaynor's shoe size is 13.

~ Adam Gaynor usually wears Converse sneakers.

~ Adam Gaynor is involved in a long term relationship with a girl named Meredith.

~ Before joining the band, Adam Gaynor was a receptionist for Criteria Records.

~ Adam Gaynor calls Rob Thomas Grammy-O or Grammy Davis, Jr.

~ Adam Gaynor is allergic to animals with fur, like cats and dogs.

~ Adam Gaynor is a neat freak.

~ Adam Gaynor is the computer junkie of the band.

~ Adam Gaynor is 6'2."

~ Adam Gaynor is Jewish.

~ Adam Gaynor is the only member of the group that doesn't smoke or drink.

~ Adam Gaynor only paints his thumb and pinky of his left hand.

~ Adam Gaynor's taught himself how to play the guitar.

~ Adam Gaynor had his guitar stolen at a gig.

~ Adam Gaynor has an older sister named Sheri.

~ Adam Gaynor's favorite cereals are Lucky Charms and Honeycombs.

~ Adam Gaynor's favorite drink is apple juice.

~ One of Adam Gaynor's favorite bands in Bush.

~ Brian Yale's birthday is November 14, 1969 (scorpio).

~ Brian Yale is originally from Connecticut.

~ Brian Yale's middle name is Joseph.

~ Brian Yale's nickname is Pookie.

~ Brian Yale's shoe size is 9.5.

~ Brian Yale attended Miami State University and Berkley School of Music in Boston.

~ Brian Yale played trumpet in his high school band.

~ Brian Yale's favorite song off of "Mad Season" is "Bed of Lies."

~ Brian Yale is a Miami Dolphins fan.

~ Brian Yale loves to play golf.

~ Brian Yale likes to quote Austin Powers, " Do I make you horny, baby?" He also quote lots of stuff from Saturday Night Live.

~ Brian Yale is the goofiest member of the group.

~ Brian Yale fears the letter Y.

~ Brian Yale uses Aveda hair products.

~ Brian Yale doesn't like mayonnaise.

~ Brian Yale likes the movie "Mars Attacks."

~ Brian Yale's favorite brand of cigarettes is Marlboro.

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